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Scoots_McClain has his first mod for us today, Project Realism, as its name suggests, it has been made to make the game more realistic, maki...


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Scoots_McClain has his first mod for us today, Project Realism, as its name suggests, it has been made to make the game more realistic, making it more enjoyable to everyone! Project Realism was made to represent the grim of wars, walking past a Machine Gun nest no longer do you fluff off the kicked up dirt! Some Changes Include

  • Pop Cap Raised to 1000
  • Increase Rescource Point Income
  • Infantry weapons do more damage
  • Unique Commander Strenghts and Weaknesses

So if you love your games to have insane action, grim visualization of war, and utter slaughter, then you'll love this mod! What are you waiting for? Start Downloading!

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Download '' (11.08MB)

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PROJECT REALISM is a modification of Company of Heroes. As the name suggests, I have made the game more realistic. If you are used to playing Company of Heroes with or without a mod, this will be a very enjoyable experience for
you. Have you ever noticed that infantry can waltz past a machine gun nest and maybe lose one squad member? Not in Project: Realism. Squads react to bullets the way they dying. Just like in WWII everything in this
game is lethal in some way. The way this mod is put together is that it is to replicate the epic war that normal Company of Heroes just doesn't seem to copy. America is the production powerhouse that is was in WWII
and Nazi's have top of the line armor like in the war. This mod is realistic, balanced and addicting. 
This is a mod you can't ignore!

Changes in V1


Infantry squads have been increased dramatically.
More items that provide better effectiveness to infantry squads have been given to them.
Infantry weapons have had damage and accuracy mimicking the weapons stats from the war.
Vehicle squads have been increased for Jeep, Motorcycle, Sherman, and Panzer VI.
Tank guns, armor, and speed have been changed to mimic the actual stats of the war.
Abilities  from commanders have been tweaked to provide stronger advantages and better balance.
Grenades, Panzerfausts, Sticky bombs, and other infantry based abilities have been increased to provide realistic
Every Commander has it's weakness and it's strength...find out what they are and exploit them!!!
Artillery is now made with explosives instead of rocks...meaning it rips infantry, vehicles, and buildings apart.
Machine gun nests now have more range and cut down infantry who are void of cover.
Flak 88's shred tanks depending on their armor.
M10 Tank destroyer finally lives up to it's name.
Paratrooper squads now contain 30 troops, which is more than the scout squad that it used to drop.
The barbed wire is now durable enough to withstand bullets which can't destroy barbed wire.
Axis bunker now has the health to accompany it's concrete foundation.
Tank traps are now exactly what they sound like, they stop tanks!
You will not survive without using the cover system developed by the game designers.
America's strength is in the numbers of its tanks and in the destructive capabilities of it's infantry.
Axis' strength is in the quality, health, and deadliness of its tanks.
Allied war machine power is restored to it's former glory.
Blitzkrieg power now lasts much longer to give a better assault capability.
Ranger squad has camouflage.
Quad Flak 36 AA gun is now buildable for the Defensive Doctrine, and it rips infantry/ and planes asunder.
Strafing run now acts like 8 .50 calibur machine guns firing should.
V1 rocket strike is utterly devastating.



Extract the .zip file into your Company of Heroes folder which the default is 
C:Program FilesTHQCompany of Heroes

After you've done that, right click on your "RelicCoH" file in your Company of Heroes folder and select copy. 
Now decide where you want your shortcut for the mod to be and right click and select paste shortcut. Here's where 
it gets complicated. Right click on the file you just pasted and select properties. Locate the "Target" line which 
should be under the "Shortcut" tab. Go to the  end of the line and type a space then type without the quotations 
"-dev -modname ProjectRealism". If you want you can paste what i typed after the target line and after a space.
Hit "ok" and run the batch file "RelicCOHSwap" I included made by Corsix to fix a current bug. Now just run the 
short cut you made and you can start playing the modded game. If you want to play regular CoH then just run the 
batch file again and it will switch the old RelicCoH file back in. Also remember, if something goes wrong
please repeat the steps exactly, and if that doesn't work leave a comment and I will respond as quickly as I can.



If you are one of the few who is actually reading this, I give you permission to do whatever you want with my mod
as long as you say you took something from Scoots McClain. Everything from this mod is self taught, meaning I did
not take anyone else's ideas nor did I take anything from another person's mod. As for the people who made this mod...

Scoots McClain- Mod Designer, Editor, Producer, and Tester
GodsofChaos- System Analyst, Tester
GPK76- Motivational Expert, Tester
Ryan- Project Delayer, Refreshment Program Leader
Styx2myguns- Tester, Main Complainer
Corsix- For making the swap batch file and RelicCoHUnblocked

Thank you for Trying out my mod. I hope you clock in hundreds of hours of playing time and if you have any 
ideas/bug reports or questions for the mod, please please leave them in the comments section so I can check 
on them and fix them for a v2 of the mod. Thanks for playing and GO PRONE!!!!

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