Realistic Skin Pack

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Now that denki_groove has satisfied your ears with his sound mod: Denkis Sound Mod (v2), he has now uploaded a mod to appeal to your visual senses!

The Realistic Skin Pack (v4) will outfit your soldiers in the latest fashions of the 1940s, giving them the look of authenticity; No more will you have to look at the men in your Company wearing flawed uniforms, the other Nations will now take them seriously as they wear their gear with pride, and exhibit unparalleled confidence while fighting the good fight!

But that's not it...other changes are made to your game as well, to go with the snappy uniforms, they will also be driving around in style, as they will be sitting in a vehicle with all new skins; Think that's a good deal? Well, as an added bonus, you will also receive some revamped flags, so you will feel good about defending your way of life against those that want to change it into something not wanted. You get all this in one download, how cool is that? :)

Refer to the readme for additional information.



its a realistic skin pack  for coh... all things changed to real uniforms, real vehicle skins and flags... ...use the skininstaller when you want to play online with the skins

thx for skins: 











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