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This is a special ScAR coded version of this map. To see the changes play with the Victory Point winning condition.

The point of this win...


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This is a special ScAR coded version of this map. To see the changes play with the Victory Point winning condition.

The point of this win condition is to hold the road by securing the specific ammount of victory points by the road. When one of the teams does it and holds them for enough time the convoy arrives for them and reinforcements arrive for the opposing team. If you hold all the victory points long enough you also get reinforcements to oppose your enemy. Convoy moves along it's path to the other side of the map. Each time a squad arrives at it's destination the opposing team loses victory points. First team to reach 0 victory points loses.

The Convoy Escort win condition designed by AGameAnx is still a WiP yet, but he's sure that you will have lots of fun playing it. There have not been many bugs found with this version yet; The only bug you may encounter is that the convoy sticks in a blob while moving due to constant move orders issued to each squad. According to the developer, it has only happened twice AGameAnx changed the moving path also, so they shouldn't do it again

More info, changelogs, opportunity to design your own Convoy Escort map and more maps with this win condition, can be found here.

You will find lots and lots of defenses in this map. Make sure you make good use of them, because you won't be able to trick AI by creating chokepoints. Only 2-4 chokepoints present in the map, which are also very difficult to set up. AI will get you while you will try to do that, because they are also very easy to flank. The map is very good for both infantry and tank combats, because there's a big open field in the middle and areas packed up with defenses in the sides. Make sure you watch after your squads, because you will need to fill those trenches with some men, before the enemy does!

The visual of the map is also very appealing to the eyes. The city flashing with explosions in one side of the map, forests, river and windmills on the other. Tons of splats and splines to provide best realism.

To understand the objective of Reversed Defense SGA, here is the background story: In a daring move German forces take back the defenses along the city border and cut the supply for allies to try and stop the allied invasion currently commencing in the city. The success of allied attack depends entirely on this German operation...

The developer has also supplied a video preview of this map...

Refer to the readme for more information.

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Download '6p_reversed_devense_v1.1_a.rar' (13.62MB)


 Type: 6 player Map [OF]
 Name: Reversed Defence [Convoy Escort]
 Author: AGameAnx (email: agameanx AT yahoo DOT com)
 Version: 1.0
 Release Date: 2008.02.27

+ Map install instructions: -----------------------------------------------------

-- SGB install --

 1. Go to your Company Of Heroes/WW2/Data folder
 2. Go to or create Scenarios folder in there
 3. Go to or create mp folder in Scenarios folder
 4. Extract the map archive there
 5. Run your Company Of Heroes in -dev mode. To do so:
	a. Create a shortcut of RelicCOH.exe located in your Company Of heroes folder
	b. Open Shortcuts preferences
	c. Add " -dev" without the quotes (Note the whitespace! Whitespace after the text present in
		the field is required!) to the Target field.
		It should look like this:
			"C:\Program Files\THQ\Company Of Heroes\RelicCOH.exe" -dev
 6. When playing custom maps run your CoH through your created shortcut
 7. Enjoy! The map should be in CoH map list in the bottom

-- SGA install --

Just copy the map file to My Documents/My games/Company Of Heroes/WW2/Scenarios/ folder and play.
The map should be in CoH map list in the bottom.

Although I suggest using the the Mannerheim's CoH Launcher!
Find it here:

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