Rundheim (2p)- Anntor

A 1v1 designed around a swampy area, where navigation is made difficult by the large amount of water. There...


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Rundheim (2p)- Anntor

A 1v1 designed around a swampy area, where navigation is made difficult by the large amount of water. There is a fuel depot to the far corner, and a long road cutting the map in half.


3 Victory Points 2 Low Munitions 4 Medium Munitions 1 High Munitions 1 Low Fuel 3 Medium Fuel

66 Munitions 35 Fuel

Resource wise, both munitions and fuel seem to be a bit low in count. However, the battlefield seems designed to promote less tank & more infantry use, as the swampy area does not allow for effective tank use (Although that's more of a gameplay issue). Even so, it can make it a bit tough to tech up quickly.

In all other respects, this map is perfect tech-wise. OOB is included, there is no visible border of the map, music is present, and loading/savegame/tac map, etc, are all included. In fact, I cannot go without mentioning what an excellent job Anntor did with these pictures; they all look like Relic pics, especially the tac map. Obviously, Anntor was trying to make his map seem Relic-esque in every respect. He certainly achieved it in this regard!

Technical- 9/10


Here's where a problem shows up. The victory points are all spaced evenly apart, and the points -seem- to be mirrored, but the problem shows up in the corners of the map, with the +16 munitions & +5 fuel come into play. The low fuel on the right is a lot closer to the Axis starting position, while the +16 munitions is slightly closer to the Allies' side. I believe Anntor was trying to promote going for one side to get higher munitions, while the other for more fuel, but the way the map & bases are set up, trying to do this with the corners has proven to bring too much imbalance into the equation. If each point was changed to the same type, then it'd be fine; however, in this current state, it's impossible to ignore this problem

Balance- 7/10


A strong point of this map. I love how the author obviously took some time in detailing everything, and Anntor has done one of the best jobs I've ever seen in making open grass fields look detailed, rather than leaving them blank with a grass texture. There are plenty of splats & splines abound; it looks great overall. Unfortunately, there is one huge, glaring omission: There are no mud splines along the water's edge! If it weren't for that, I'd have no problem giving this section a perfect score.

Design/Quality- 8/10

Fun Factor

This was a very entertaining map. I love these 'wide' maps, where you can make a long battle front, and dig in as the enemy pounds against your position. The swampy nature of this map makes it difficult to maneuver tanks, so infantry stay dominant throughout the game, especially with the low fuel. Mortars and snipers will have a heyday on any units trying to cross through the water, so micro on this level is a must. Still, I would've liked to have seen a bit more fuel to make tanks somewhat viable.

I hope to see Anntor continue mapping, as he obviously has an eye for detail, and the balance problems can be easily remedied. This is another one of those maps worthy to be in anyone's collection!

Fun Factor- 9/10

OVERALL 9+7+8+9=33/4=


Reviewed by Finalizer0

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NO README PROVIDED! This is from another file on how to use SGAs:

Unzip the file "2p_rundheim_v10.sga" to "C:\Documents and Settings"User"\My Documents\My Games\Company Of Heroes\WW2\Scenarios", replacing "User" with your XP user account name (The user name you use to sign on to XP with). (You do NOT need to add "-dev" to your Company of Heroes icon; it works regardless)

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