Rurfront 1944

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The story:

December 1944: Command from headquarter to the commander of the 10.SS Pz.Division:

“The allies are bombing the Rur near Linnich already for days. Some of our brave comrades died for our fatherland. The weather is getting foggy and snowfall is going to come, the allied bombers cannot attack at the moment. We expect the allies to try now to cross the Rur. Drive with your division to the Rur near Linnich an prevent the allies from crossing the Rur. Stop the intruders. They must not cross the Rur by no means not a single meter.“

It begins “Battle of tanks at Hubertuskreuz”

Rurfront 1944 is a large six player map that is set in an open area with rivers going across the map. This map is excellent for large tank battles due to the openness of the map, thus maneuverability is no problem whatsoever. This map does however, have some choke points, and they are the bridges which are vital to get your armour across and moving. You may destroy the bridges to halt the enemy advances but they can also be repaired. The author has also placed weapons in the trenches and the bunker in the map, so you may have heavy weapon right off. The map has a very nice atmosphere, with a gloomy and dark feel to it. Also, the map may lack some objects, but it only adds to the atmosphere as you see a bombed out landscape.

Check it out!



Copy the sga file into Own filesMy gamesCompany of HeroesWW2Scenarios

After about 10 minutes it should slowly begin to snow.
If the effects of weather do not work, then copy the 2 files from “atmosphere” into the following folder:
programsTHQCompany of HeroesWW2dataArtScenariosPresetsAtmosphere

Have a good time and fun with it!  

Kopiert die sga Datei in Eigene DateienMy GamesCompany of HeroesWW2Scenarios

Nach ca. 10min müsste es langsam anfangen zu schneien.
Wenn die Wettereffekte nicht funktionieren, dann kopiert die 2 Dateien aus "Atmosphere" in
folgenden Ordner:
ProgrammeTHQCompany of HeroesWW2DataArtScenariosPresetsAtmosphere

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