The Road to Tunis


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Xanpham is back, and he has brought the newest version of his super-popular map The Road to Tunis! This version fixes some bugs from v1, including the player issue...this download is a six player map. As with version 1, this map is an all out war fought over a desert no-mans-land. Fighting is fierce along the side corridors and atop the hills of the central points. Tank warfare rules but can be disrupted with minimal AT guns and 88's. The map is very balanced.

I have reused the images from the earlier version, as the ones that were sent with this file are in tga format, and I cannot convert them. All developers should be referring to the upload requirements (ALL images need to be in jpg format)

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Download '' (405KB)

I believe this version addresses the problems with version 1. Now the map IS six player.


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