The True War Mod



This new patch makes American Infantry doctrine and American Tank doctrine more reliant on each other this patch also makes other doctrines better and fixes numerous bugs as well this version adds new infantry formations for all factions progress on our mod has come to a halt for now so I am releasing the most recent version a new version may take a long time to be released I am not saying this is the best version it is still in beta stage but It does fix most problems that is mostly why I am releasing it



* Changed line of site on all tanks
* Changed formations on all infantry to be more spread out
* fixed artillery and air drop bugs
* made tanks for tank doctrine cheaper
* made infantry for tank doctrine more expensive
* made infantry for infantry doctrine cheaper
* made tanks for infantry doctrine more expensive
* crocodile tank's main gun now fires 75mm rounds and is still able to fire flamethrower
* m10 tank destroyer now as effective as it should be
* rangers,commandos,tank busters,stormtroopers can now be cloaked 
* many other various fixes

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