Vire River Extended

Vire River Extended is a six player map. This map features has tons of stuff to destroy, high resources for immediate mayhem, beautiful nig...


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Vire River Extended is a six player map. This map features has tons of stuff to destroy, high resources for immediate mayhem, beautiful night, day and dusk lighting. Two destructible bridge crossings, one indestructible middle crossing and even a river crossing point to help break stubborn stalemates. A river twice as wide, longer distances and bigger base area will offer protection from artillery spam, especially brit. A beautiful world created specifically for you to have fun blowing to bits. This map may hit players with performance issues as it is very large and elaborate - just a heads up.

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Download '' (14.38MB)


Unzip/(extract) the package to your desktop and read the instructions carefully.
I have included the wonderful (COH map launcher) by Mannheim so that you can play the map online as well as on skirmish mode. But there are some things you need to pay attention to in order for it to work properly so pay close attention to the readme.
There are 2 read-me files with different instructions, one is for windows Vista 32 bit and XP and the other is for Vista 64-bit

Performance Issues:
"Vire River Extended" is a very large and elaborate 6-player map,
It will require anywhere from 120 to 160 percent more performance than a normal
stock map.
Modest systems may experience lag depending on the number of players,
Graphics settings, ai level of expertise and Internet connection to name a few.
If your system has performance issues with the game as is, it may not be
Recommendable that you load this map.

If you do experience lag or slow frame-rate while running the map you may want to
try the following options.

Lower the graphics resolution
Disable Antialiasing
Lower the shadow quality
Lower the shader quality
Lower the texture detail quality
Lower the physics
Lower the effects density
Lower the effects fidelity

Try experimenting with these settings, you will find that you may get a
substantial increase in performance.

Thanks to Corsix for making COH modding possible.
Special thanks to Mannheim for creating the only alternative to play
Custom maps online, the COH-launcher.
I dedicate this map to memory of my dad who taught me the value of hard work
and dedication.

And last but not least I would like to thank my cats "Mico, Nemesis and Princess"
for being so kool and keeping me cheerful and entertained.

On behalf of the "Supermario" Dev-team, thanks to all and best regards.

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