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This is a modification for Company Of Heroes. It is an update from War...


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This is a modification for Company Of Heroes. It is an update from War on AI Mod 1.1v. It is made for people who generally play skirmishes against AI, and dislike infantile things. In addition, some things that the AI handled poorly have been removed and some stuff has been changed that greatly improves AI performance. Realism has also been brought into the game with this mod.

v1.3 Changes: - SCAR codes monitor and command important acts of AI ! (like vehicle retreat, vehicle repair, reinforce, off-map strike) AI vehicle retreat to repair if damage level reach 50% AI try to call reinforcement if it lost his heavy armors AI use off-map strike (artillery,airbomb) to attack enemy who capturing resource points AI use air strafe to attack infantry and light armors instead of buildings - added new tracerbeam effects to machineguns (optional) - added new bullethit effects on ground (optional) - added new burning wreck effects aka Burning Wrecks 2.0 (optional) - removed footfall dust (optional) - added randomized artillery strike on battlefield - flying grenade, satchel and mortar shell now visible without any smoketrail - movement and primary weapon of vehicle are disabled while engineers repair it. - all machineguns are more effective against infantry - infantry can use armored vehicles as heavy cover - off-map reinforcement now requires resources instead of command points

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Download 'war_on_ai_v1.3.zip' (3.42MB)

First make a backup of RelicCOH.English.ucs file (find it EngineLocalEnglish folder) then copy all files into your COH directory.
Create a new shortcut to run this mod like
"CProgramFilesTHQCompany of HeroesRelicCOH.exe" -nomovies -modname mytest -dev

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