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Counter Strike: Condition Zero review

19 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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Bona Fide Reviews has posted up a new review of Counter Strike: Condition Zero. They gave it a average quality score which is ok. Here's a snippet from the review: [quote] There are only a few extra objectives beyond the original plant/defuse the bomb, rescue hostages, or protect the n00ber V.I.P. while he sprints to his death before you can buy extra ammo. The logistics of these extras are typically kill six enemies with this weapon, win a round in a limited amount of time, or rescue the hostages at least X number of times. This becomes exceedingly annoying, especially at expert skill levels, when it's almost impossible to win a round in almost a minute. You can circumnavigate some of these goals easily by restarting the match because during the restart you will not lose some of your progress toward these goals. However, when you win one second past the deadline on your hundredth try, there is only one solution: break your monitor.[/quote] Head to Bona Fide Reviews to check out this new review for yourself.

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