Counter-Strike: Source Impressions

20 years ago, last updated 7 years ago

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FileFront has posted up a new hands on impressions of Counter-Strike: Source. The article is only one page long but is a good read. Here's a snippet from it: [quote] Now, let me get to some of the points that you're all wondering about (for those of you that haven't gotten around to playing the beta): how is Counter-Strike: Source? As I've said, the core gameplay remains much the same; however there have been numerous changes and improvements that make the game a stronger multiplayer force to be reckoned with. For instance, the aiming/shooting system seems to have greatly changed since the previous iterations of CS. There is now the slightest bit of recoil with every shot, and a bit more spread when firing an automatic. The new firing system takes a lot of getting used to (especially for those of us that have been occupied with other mods for the last few months), but in the end, I found myself absolutely in love with it. That said, I did notice a few instances where the collision detection was off or where I shot an enemy, but the hit didn't register. These are small issues which are sure to be fixed by the time the game goes gold.[/quote] Head to FileFront to check out the full article.

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