CS Source Port/CS:CZ Leaked

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More leaks related to the initial source code/VALVe leak has come out. Here's what Fragmaster from Planet Half-Life says, since I'm not very eloquent:[quote]Well, it appears that this "Anonymous Leaker" character wasn't bluffing, because now he's apparently released something that lets you play Half-Life and Counter-Strike using Half-Life 2's source engine. And he's also supposedly released an outdated build of Counter-Strike: Condition Zero (it's going gold Friday, see yesterday's story) and/or possibly something that deals with Counter-Strike 2. We really don't care to know the details, and we can't exactly confirm this because we refuse to download these releases ourselves. And we of course strongly suggest you don't download any of this stolen material either. I'm guessing that VALVe had something up its sleeve concerning a port of CS to the new Source (HL2) engine, unless someone coded themselves a port (which seems unlikely). Cool, a free surprise from VALVe ruined by some dork. And man, you have to admit that VALVe really deserves to have their free updates to the community spoiled![/quote]If you want to read more about the HL2/source code leak check out [url="http://www.gamespy.com/articles/october03/halflife2/index.shtml"]GameSpy's article: What's Next for VALVe and Half-Life 2[/url] ? The article has a lot of reactions from the professional development community.

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