Gabe on new CS:CZ Information

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[quote]Gabe Newell has posted some more detailed information of new CZ features on the Halflife2.net Forums (CZ AutoBuy and ReBuy) and in the Shacknews Comments (User configurable CZ Bot attributes). Here is a snippet from the bot information: Here are the configurable attributes of the CS/CZ Bot: Skill Range: 0 to 100 Description: Defines the overall “skill” of the bot. Low skill bots have terrible aim and don’t look around very much, whereas high skill bots can have extremely good aim, try to check as many corners and hiding spots as they can, and know subtle things like using the knife to run faster, switching to the pistol when out of ammo, etc. Aggression Range: 0 to 100 Description: Determines how aggressively a bot behaves. High aggression bots pay less attention to “danger” (ie: where teammates have died previously), are more likely to rush, and less likely to retreat. Low aggression bots are just the opposite. ReactionTime Range: 0.2 to 0.5 seconds Description: Determines the reaction time of a bot. A bot’s “reaction time” is the delay between when a visual or audio event occurs and the bot becomes “aware” of it, and can begin to act upon it. This simulates the time it takes a human to process incoming stimuli and become “conscious” of it.[/quote]

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