Steam CS 1.6 Changelog

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I just noticed this over on the Steam forums. I'm taking a wild guess and going to say this is the Steam/CS 1.6 change log thats about to come out tomorrow(crosses fingers). « Changes/Additions: » Added skins support to Steam (\platform\skins). Added new cvar "sv_region" to describe the region the server is in. Added "region" concept to server browser. Added range check for "gamma" cvar. Removed dependency on WON protocols. Added more Buy Menu client commands to support the CStrike Retail weapon names: Pistols Shotguns SMG Rifles Machine Gun 9x19mm km45 228compact nighthawk elites fiveseven 12gauge autoshotgun mac10 mp smg ump45 c90 defender cv47 scout krieg552 magnum d3au1 larion m4a1 bullpup krieg550 m249 HLTV: Maximum number of connected spectators is tracked ('status' command). HLTV: Switched 'autoretry' behavior back to the way it was in HLTV: Added 'hltv' to heartbeat. HLTV: Removed dependency on Won protocols. Bug Fixes: Fixed shield exploit with using 'lastinv' command. Fixed bug with MOTD not being displayed. Fixed server log (and console) getting spammed when a Terrorist would escape on an es_ map. Fixed bug with Buy Menus overlapping each other. Fixed talk icon not displaying sometimes. Fixed MP3s being looked for in the wrong folder. Fixed MP3 playback in being cutoff sometimes. Fixed bug with the "kick" command. Fixed bug where you couldn't enter a hostname that started with a number. Fixed mouse support for 3dfx cards. Fixed HTML scrollbars not showing up sometimes. Fixed "hostname" being initialized to "Half-Life" for Listen servers (for all Mods). HLTV: Fixed 'record' to continue recording demos after reconnect. HLTV: Fixed cheering bug. It's late at night, I'm about to go to sleep, and this could be wrong. But it was indeed posted on the Steam site, so I'm guessing this is what fixes are to be in the next version of 1.6. I'm just as confused as most of you are, but [url=http://www.steampowered.com/platform/update_history/Counter-Strike.html]this does look official[/url] to me. Join the madness at 11am PST Thursday, when half the world will make pathetic attempts at getting low Steam ID's. Woo-Whoo! By the way, the official release of the Steam dedicated server update can be found [url=ftp://hlserver:[email protected]/]here.[/url] Server admins, please try to get this setup asap, so that theres some room for all of us to play.

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