John Connor's CS:Source Sound Replacement Pack

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Please see readme below for more info:

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Download 'weaponsoundpack.rar' (8.96MB)

The John Connor Couter-Strike Source 
Sound Replacement Pack Version 1.0
This pack contains more realistic weapon firing, 
reloading and explosive sounds collected on the 
internet from various sound packs from 1999 to 2004.

All original sounds are copyright their respective owners.

The author of this pack did not record, or create any of
the sounds contained herein. They have only been 
resampled and enhanced slightly to conform to the 
Source Engine sound format.

Extract to:

C:\<steam Install directory>\SteamApps\<e-mail>\counter-
strike source beta\cstrike\sound

You may have to create the directory if it doesn't exist.


Simply delete the &quot;weapons&quot; subfolder.

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