Be part of the thrill as a specialized counter-terrorist team rescuing hostages and defusing bombs. Compete against AI opponents in single-player mode or play co-op with your friends. Then take the ac...

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Counter-Strike: AIM Rain Forest m4a1 (v1.0) winni47 628KB 467
CS: Source FY Battlefront Map (v1.0) razor87_ 379KB 118
Counter-Strike: AIM Riverbank Map WinnerWinnerChickenDinner 2.16MB 314
Counter-Strike: FY Crane Map uffz.Totenk0pf 158KB 342
Counter-Strike Badass Movie EFDarkSide 7.57MB 1142
CS Skill of CardboardEskimo Video CardboardEskimo 69.98MB 820
CS compLexity: Armageddon Video Jason Lake 574.12MB 13662
CS: Source Bloodrun Map 2GOOD 573KB 343
Counter-Strike LK2 Trailer Sgt. Pop-Tart 2.15MB 1722
arch_awp_map Boka 97KB 1477
choda_map [ChM] blah 335KB 1662
Steam VALVe 674KB 10685
de_cabbage Matthew Pike 3.86MB 1224
de_greec3 Matthew Pike 2.54MB 1367
fy_cold_ice_war Sniper_rata 636KB 5109
de_stronghold Moostix 1.35MB 1830
de_adrenalin Jim Fagerlund 1.66MB 1521
awp_map5 Guest 367KB 3644
awp_map4 Guest 137KB 1925
awp_map3 Guest 190KB 2198
awp_map2 TeMpLaR 18KB 3923
aim_ak-colt2k3 .NtL^ 52KB 2775
aim_ak-colt2 -=[Metal_Slug]=- 118KB 3063
aim_ak-colt Squid 36KB 5640
awp_map Squid 50KB 7545
fy_iceworld Squid 56KB 11004
cs_assault2k Telnets 1.8MB 6693
cs_alpin [BSE]Luis_Cypher 1.01MB 3619
de_adrenalin Jim Fagerlund 767KB 1039
Counter-Strike (retail) 1.5 Full Counter-Strike Team. 115.53MB 19058
Counter-Strike (retail) 1.4 to 1.5 Upgrade Patch Counter-Strike Team. 18.99MB 2722
Half-Life: Counter-Strike 1.4 to 1.5 Full Counter-Strike Team. 121.3MB 3748
Half-Life: Counter-Strike 1.4 to 1.5 Upgrade Patch Counter-Strike Team. 6.46MB 2625
tombraider-USPmatch {DTC} FLAMER NL 1.49MB 1515
dtc_legoland {DTC} FLAMER NL 177KB 1725
dtc_glassfunmap {DTC} FLAMER NL 382KB 1783
dtc_megacrazytruckerz {DTC} FLAMER NL 447KB 1241
dtc_vehicle_attack {DTC} FLAMER NL 3.6MB 2159
dtc_modertarzan {DTC} FLAMER NL 334KB 950
de_Starwars {DTC} FLAMER NL 262KB 4591
CS_3DF_REPAIR [3DF] Ace 705KB 2472
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Counter-Strike and Condition Zero :: Update Released Guest 10th January 2008
Looking for Staff! Spectre 26th May 2003