Valve is facing a gambling lawsuit over CS:GO skins

By FileTrekker 5 years ago, last updated 5 years ago

It's a controversy that won't go away for Valve, as the gambling culture that has grown around CS:GO skins rears it's head once again, with a lawsuit now being brought forward against the Steam developer by the Native American Quinault Nation, who own and operate casinos in the Washington area.

The organisation faces heavy regulations from both local and federal government, and is filing the suit as Valve, also based in Washington, as they are at an "unfair advantage" by not being subjected to such regulations.

The controversy isn't exactly a new one, the Washington State Gambling Commission ordered Valve to prevent the gambling of skins through Steam in 2016, and although Valve denied that they endorsed or allowed such behaviour, it had difficulty controlling the various third party websites that allow the practice.

This new lawsuit alleges that Valve is aware that the gambling goes on that that they secretly encourage and facilitate skin gambling in order to make a profit.

Weather the Quinault Nation have the makings of a case here remains to be seen, but it's more attention drawn on the matter by the state that they doubtless have wanted to avoid.

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