Deagle Guide

By Digz 16 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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One of the most important assets in CSS is the pistol, at the start of the game most probably your primary weapon then your secondary weapon as time goes on and if you have enough money to buy other guns of course. The Desert Eagle aka deagle is known for it's uninterrupted burst of the ability to control your shooting and the ability to get headshot after headshot with that gun. The main thing about the deagle is the power, you have to shoot slowly with the deagle and only aim for the chest or the head, do not aim below the lungs or you'll run out of bullets and won't kill your enemy. Aim for the upper chest and you'll find that you get headshots with some mouse movements and as you and your opponent run around you'll get the headshot. 2-3 shots in the upper chest and neck should do the trick, and just once in the head of course. The deagle is a light gun if not your primary weapon your secondary weapon from when you run out of bullets and quick switch by using the "q" key or by just pressing "2" or whatever control you have set it to. To sum things up the deagle is the easiest gun to get kills with, you have to fire slow but don't hesitate when at close range to quick fire 2-3 bullets to chest and it'll do the trick mostly due to the speed your firing at, they should die, just remember practice makes perfect and try some aim deagle maps, if you can't find any on hl2files, I'll be sure to dig some up for you to practice on. gl & hf! Digz

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