Zombie Horde v1.0 Released!

By Thundgot 17 years ago, last updated 7 years ago

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The team at zombiehorde.com are proud to present Zombie Horde v1.0, the often imitated premier Zombification plugin for Counter-Strike Source. Since April 2005 we have been bringing the zombies to the Counter Strike scene for all to enjoy, this release is the culmination of two years work, and is vastly improved for better performance and greater compatibility with all server types. At long last we have hit the 1.0 milestone. Like the undead, Zombie Horde has once again been resurrected to fight another day. After a long time of no updates, we are excited to release not only the Source Metamod versions of this great plugin, but also long sought after windows versions too! Zombie Horde v1.0 features: * Windows support * Metamod:Source support (recommended) * Major code overhaul and restructure by our new lead programmer, electronaut * New 'Ghost' character...ride the lightning! * Powerups * Team balancer (to prevent zombie stacking) * Player statistics * In-built weapon restrictions * Innumerable bug fixes * New maps: zh_dark_cbbl_48 and zh_laststand_final This game is incredibly fun, so if you like a competitive co-operative multiplayer experience....and love popping the heads off zombies, then get your server admin to install ZH or even set up your own LAN server and get cracking! Head on over to our completely ad-free website at http://www.zombiehorde.com for news, screenshots, forums and downloads, or direct download from here: http://binaryspace.net/files/zhplugin-1.0.0.zip 22/04/07, The ZH team

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