Zombie Horde - ZHPLUGIN 0.3.0 Released!

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Remember that this is the latest version which is only supported by Linux at the moment. [quote]Zombie Horde is a server side modification for Counter-Strike Source. It is a game of kill or be killed, occasional bomb work and appalling cruelty to hosties. The game may be played on normal or custom maps, and there are no requirements for users to pre-install any of the files. The server plug in that implements the modification is called zhplugin and may be run on either Windows or Linux Source Dedicated Servers. In the suggested configuration, the game is run as a 32 player server with 18 bots playing as zombies, which happen to be the Terrorist (T) team. Since most maps have 20 spawn points, this allows for two real players to join the zombie team and 'lead' the horde, using radio commands as provided by the wonderful Turtle Rock Studios. The bots are configured to use knife only and the server plugin forces all real zombie players to use knife only as well. As they spawn, all of the zombie (T) team members are given a nice health boost (the default is 500hp). The zombies may then only be hurt with direct headshots, in true zombie style. The zombies also look like zombies and emit various grunts and groans when being hit or killed. When a player joins the human team (the Counter Terrorists or CT's) he or she is presented with a model select menu. This allows people to choose their appearance on the server. The will be many more models to choose from in the future. Zombie Horde is a very fun game to play, and the objective is to keep it that way whilst adding more features and immersing the players in a darker and darker world. The philosophy of this version of Zombie Horde is that it is a server-side modification that will bend CS:S as far as it can server side, whilst creating a unique and fun online multiplayer experience. The intended audience of this modification are those players who may have grown a little tired after 5 years of playing vanilla CS and want that nice twist. A nice side effect of this game is that it also provides excellent head shot practice. [b][changelog][/b] [*] v0.3.0 -added first official zh map: zh_laststand_final -linux only -zombies lose their heads - decapitation! -zombies respawn. -concussion grenades. -map objective disable. -team swap - ie zombies can be ct if you like. -new zombie character: charple. -separately settable health for different zombie types. -dark mode! -individual point and click zombie control![/quote]
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