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Name Developer Filesize Downloads
CS: Source Swat Background DarkElfa 602KB 1,409
CS: Source Terror Background DarkElfa 597KB 1,242
CS: Source Sigg Background DarkElfa 388KB 1,914
CS: Source P90 Background DarkElfa 366KB 1,111
CS: Source Mk23 Background DarkElfa 622KB 583
CS: Source Mp5 Background DarkElfa 552KB 951
CS: Source M4 Background DarkElfa 300KB 1,459
CS: Source Bomb Background DarkElfa 700KB 714
CS: Source 45cal Background DarkElfa 366KB 9,654
CS: Source M4a1 Background DarkElfa 504KB 6,743
CS: Source Background Pack DarkElfa 6.73MB 7,795
CS: Source Ctblack Background DarkElfa 279KB 3,098
CS: Source Loading Screen Pack DarkElfa 4.36MB 2,130
CS: Source Office Smoke Rush Background Perfect Burn 683KB 1,718
CS: Source M4A1 Loading Screen Da_ghost 789KB 528
CS: Source Jack Bauer Loading Screen SixThree 2.56MB 753
CS: Source Greeneye Loading Screen Guest 415KB 1,171
CS: Source Yoda Loading Screen Guest 608KB 1,186
CS: Source CT Loading Screen Guest 773KB 725
CS: Source Soldiers Prayer Background Wilco 3.22MB 454
CS: Source One Shot One Kill Loading Screen Steven Anderson 3.31MB 1,406
CS: Source Johny's USA Loading Screen Johny 838KB 801
CS: Source Marine Corps Loading Screen Wilco 4.13MB 837
CS: Source Unblurred Loading Screen Gay Messiah 1.46MB 758
CS: Source Shell Casing Background Mobster 816KB 299
CS: Source The belgium dude's Matrix Background The belgium dude 367KB 1,269
CS: Source Crazy CSS MBG Animated Background Rumpelbube 32.83MB 236
CS: Source Old CS v1.5 Main Menu Guest 2.14MB 125