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Wallpapers CS: Source Unblurred Loading Screen

The author has "unblurred" the regular Counter Strike: Source menu background for it to look better. That's pretty much it. :p


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Wallpapers CS: Source: 3 Map Wallpapers

This is a little pack of 3 wallpapers showing various maps from the game Counter Strike: Source. Specifically, the maps are Dust, Dust 2, an...


Wallpapers CS: Source Shell Casing Background

A very interesting Bullet Shell Casing background made by Mobster. This is something really differently, you all should try this one.


Wallpapers CS: Source The belgium dude's Matrix Background

For all those Matrix lovers, here is a sweet Matrix Background for the CS: Source main menu. Made by The belgium dude.


Wallpapers CS: Source Wallpaper

A CT and a T put down there guns to see who the real man is :P


Wallpapers CS: Source Crazy CSS MBG Animated Background

- Starting the GAME - - Preview_LOW - - The Menu Extenions - Total Time elapsed : 18 h to build the whole GU...


Wallpapers CS: Source Old CS v1.5 Main Menu

Old-school CS 1.5 menu background and menu sounds. How to INSTALL:Extract the archive to %steamdir%/steamapps/%username%/counter-strike sour...


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