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HE Maps CS: Source Arena Skyscraper Map

Lots of nades, lots of explosive barrels, and you get to keep your pistol, which does shoot through the glass in the middle, but it can't b...


HE Maps CS: Source HE_Tennis Map

CS: Source HE_Tennis Map. Got more maps? Send them in! E-mail: [email protected] :D Post your map comments below!


HE Maps CS: Source HE_Outdoors_Obe MAP

A new map for CS: Source, just a reminder, there is another map called "HE_Outdoors_Obe", that behins with KA, don't get confused, this one...


HE Maps CS: Source HE Tennis 2005

He_tennis_2005 is a rather fun throwing grenade map made by TMG


HE Maps CS: Source HE GlassHall Map

A cool map with lots of HEs and 4 Smokes.


HE Maps CS: Source He Trip Map

Here is a really interesting looking map made by [email protected] Great job! Enjoy =)


HE Maps CS: Source HE Glass 3XL Map

Basically a he_glass map, but more detailed and much bigger in size than most other fun maps. This version also includes firearms, and is pa...


HE Maps CS: Source HE Tennis 2008 Map

Tennis_2008 is a HE-Nade only map. You can only use HE-Nades to frag, but after two minutes - overtime is activeted - some nice guns will dr...