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Loading Screens CS: Source M4A1 Loading Screen

This is a sweet background skin that changes the load screen in Counter-Strike: Source with a M4A1 weapon in the background.


Loading Screens CS: Source Bio Hazard Loading Screen

This is a Counterstrike: Source skin Bio Hazard that changes your loading screen, made by Da_ghost.


Loading Screens CS: Source Rammstein Loading Screen

This is a Rammstein loading screen for CS: Source that changes background in the CS: Source menu.


Loading Screens CS: Source Camo and Black Menu Backgrounds

Here's a file that simply changes the background of your Counter Strike: Source menu. The images alright looking, and serve well to break u...


Loading Screens CS: Source Dropkick Murphy's Loading Screen

A very interesting loading screen for CS: Source. I can't say much about it due its unknown to me. But it seems to be some kind of rock ban...


Loading Screens CS: Source Korn Loading Screen

Another Loading Screen for all CS: Source fans made by Da_ghost.


Loading Screens CS: Source American History X Loading Screen

's American History X CS:S Loading Screen, This will change your Counter-Strike Source Background to a American History X load...


Loading Screens CS: Source Terrorist Blast Loading Screen

This very fancy Background (Loading screen) for Counter-Strike Source has been made by WarPig.