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All Files In Counter-Strike: Source Maps
Maps CS: Source Faceoff Map

CS: Source Faceoff Map Created by _2blaze


Maps CS: Source The Swamp Map

CS: Source The Swamp Map created by Bubba Dumptruck


Maps CS: Source CS_Assault Map

CS: Source CS_Assault Map


Maps CS: Source Paintball Map

CS : Source Paintball Map


Maps CS: Source FY Juggalo Map

I made this map to learn hammer and to have another decent map on my clans server. It is a conglomoration of many maps that i have enjoyed i...


Maps CS: Source Glassfloor KDR

I made this remake of the original glassfloor because glassfloor was one of my favorite maps. I changed a few things, most notably the fan w...


Maps CS: Source ZA Operation Dust Map

You start off outside with small corridoors with cars blocking you for obstickels, then you can go underground with very long 4 corridorrs i...


Maps CS: Source A Beach MD Map

This file is a counter strike source map.You can play up to 32 players. Terrorists have to put the bomb to the top of the old boat.


Maps CS: Source Storm Map

This map is called CS: Storm


Maps CS: Source AIM_Compound Map

CS: Source AIM_Compound Map includes sounds, all weapons and buyzone in the middle of the map. The FY version fo this map can be found [u...


Maps CS: Source Gajas Map Pack

This is entitled CS: Source Gajas Map Pack. It contains a few maps for CS: Source.


Maps CS: Source Scout Winter Map

CS :Source Scout Winter Map


Maps CS: Source Assault Map

This is a map based on the original cs_assault from CS 1.6 Terrorist Spawn points: 41 Counter-Terrorist Spawn points: 44...


Maps CS: Source BattleRoyale Map

This map is designed for LAN 6v6 and brings lots of fun. Check out the screenshots!


Maps CS: Source Reloaded Demo

The demo file was made using the BulletTime mod but in Counter-Strike Source. It is me vs 14 players, and me killing all of them.


Maps CS: Source Warzone Map

Two bases with a guard tower & bunker on each. A tunnel on each base that leads right into the battlefield and in the centre of the map is a...


Maps CS: Source Navy Seals Double Pack Skin

A double pack featuring Navy SEALs in their original (in other words what they REALLY wear, am I making sense?) black outfit and the Terrori...


Maps CS: Source Day Map

This is a new map for CS: Source, entitled CS: Source Day Map.


Maps CS: Source TDC Minidust Map

I built this map for Source, because I loved the map "minidust" for CS 1.6! If you like quick action, close combat and maybe a bit campin...


Maps CS: Source Complex Map

A group of Terrorist have taken over an office complex. They've taken 4 hostages kept in the building. The fate of the hostages are now in...


Maps CS: Source Omaha Beach Map

This map is probably the most fun map to ever be created in any WWII game so I decided to create it in CS:S. The CT's start in the water an...


Maps CS: Source De Changes Map

This is a map designed to help eliminate the advantage any particular team has on a map. No matter how hard mappers try, there is almost alw...


Maps CS: Source Omaha Beach Map

A CS: Source Map that has been updated for you fragging enjoyment. :)


Maps CS: Source Dumle Map

Because this map is a beta, don't have too high expectations. This map could become very good, but for now it's a beta.