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Maps CS: Source CS Orange Sniper Map

This is a 'sniper-fest' map for CS:S, featuring a large tower and some trenches.. The terrorists start off at the base of the tower and a fe...


Maps CS: Source ZM Maze Map (v1.00)

the author made a zombie survival, though i put a bombsite in the middle of the top-floor for a normal match. he has put 4 shotguns in ea...


Maps CS:S GunGame: 2 Levels map

This is a gungame map made by Jallen. It uses dev-textures and runs smoothly even on low end machines. There are no buyzones (because it's g...


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Maps CS:S Mega Map Pack

Big map pack for Counter-Strike: Source


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Maps Platform 2

The best way to play witht this map is with pistols only and you are not allowed to shoot other players, only the legs of the platforms. The...


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Maps Abandoned Building

CSS Abandoned Building its an abboned building map.


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Maps Glock On Aim Map

This is a small aim map for Counter-Strike:Source. it's made primarily for aim and positioning training, plus it's good fun too!


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Maps FY_Gate

Both players start on different sides of a gate inside a valley. The middle door can be blown apart, or players can scale the wall on ladder...


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Maps DE_Rats

You are the size of a rat in a doctor's waiting room, a strange theme for a map.


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Maps Weather

Defend/destroy the weather controlling machine. Large map, multiple playing levels. Next release w/more fx already in the cooker...


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Maps DE Small Dust

DE Small Dust map for CS:S


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Maps CS_Reflex3

This is a server side only update! Clients need not install this file unless they intend to host their own server! Both versions of cs_refle...


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Maps cs_hurst_beta1

Map for Counter-Strike Source based on a peninsula fort on the southern coast of Britain


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Maps counter strike source map : de_kaztec

this map is a bomb/defuse map with aztec textures created by didifou


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Maps Aim_Puddles

If you like the look of De_Aztec then you will like my new aim map called aim_puddles


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Maps Docks

Based on Justin Dejongs classic cs map cs_docks.


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Maps DE_Industrial

The map is a part of an industrial estate.The target of Terrorists is destroying the connection of railroad.


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Maps TJF's Maps 2004 Fun Map Mini Pack

A small handful of 32 player fun maps released by TJF's Maps forCounter-Strike Source in 2004. All of these maps have been made with careful...


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Maps Hostage Rescue Map

Hostage rescue map for Counter-Strike source.


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Maps SniperCastle

Terrorists object is to bomb Counter-Terrorists Bridge and Snipe them from Castle. Counter-Terrorists Object is to sniper Terrorists and Saf...


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Maps FarmHouse

Terrorists object is defend farmhouse and attack to other house. Counter-Terrorists Object is to attack to farmhouse and defend other house.


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Maps CSS_de_courthouse_final



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Maps de_inferno_nordlichtclan



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Maps CSS_de_train_netsrot