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Fun Maps CS: Source Surf Cagefight Map

Another surf map to add to the collection, this one centers around players grabbing a shotgun and surfing around a square arena blasting eac...


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Fun Maps CS: Source Gun Game Bunkbox Map

Here's a small CSS map which is definitely in the beta stages. There's no textures, no bot support, no objects, and no landscape; all tha...


Fun Maps CS: Source HM Pistol Wars Map

Here we have a small deathmatch map with basic texturing and brushes. It seems to work just fine; and while it isn't exactly one of the mos...


Fun Maps CS: Source Shotgun Madness With Sniper v2 Map

This is similar to the first Shotgun Madness map revamped with awp sniping platforms! Hope you enjoy!


Fun Maps CS: Source Shotgun Madness v1 Map

This is a really easy & simple shotgun madness map created by Tyler Morrsion.