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Misc CS: Source Cerebral Assassin's Avatar Pack

This is a rather really interesting pack. These however are not really intended to use for CS: Source the game itself. But it is handy for e...


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Misc CS Source Moon Gamer's Quick Game Launcher Utility

This is an interesting tool by Moon gamer which will store all of your favorite game server's Ip's and auto join them as long as you have th...


Misc CS: Source KazXXX's Red Menu & HUD menu Pack

This Red Menu & HUD Menu pack has been made by KazXXX. These Schemes are red, if you like red, you'll like these. The Counter Strike Source...


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Misc CS: Source Calcifer's Server Emulation Bots

The bot profile changes selected bots names and skill levels, while the .cfg files will add a certain number of bots to your server with var...


Navigation Points CS: Source Highsociety Nav Points

A small file that makes CSS's AI Bots more responsive.


Navigation Points CS: CZ Wimbeldon Map

A .nav file that contains a map for CS: CZ set on a wimbeldon tennis court. :p


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Navigation Points CS: Source CSBot nav pack

Adds new navigation points for bots and improves others for 12 different maps.


Tools CS: Source - Keybinder Source Tool

Keybinder Source enables the configuration of Counter-Strike: Source in a simple manner! You can create new config-files or customize your...


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Tools CS: Source Spray Creation Tutorial

This is a tutorial that was made for people who are new to using Photoshop. It will walk you through some basic principles on how to make sp...