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Name Developer Filesize Downloads
CS: Source LR-300 Replacement For The Aug Guest 740KB 10,425
CS: Source Old CT Model ^*SIRPLAYALOT*^ 374KB 4,338
CS: Source Norwegian CT Skin djchange and Psychobeaver78 5.96MB 3,809
CS: Source Kroenen Model AdvancED OGG_ZiZiI 4.14MB 5,242
CS: Source US Soldier Player Skin DarkElfa 6.93MB 11,737
CS: Source Marpat CT Player Skin DarkElfa 6.48MB 4,257
CS: Source Halo Master Chief Terrorist Model OGG_ZiZiI 6.86MB 12,562
CS: Source: CS Italy Chicken Fix Update L.Duke 4.32MB 3,730
CS: Source Colt M552a1 for M4a1 (v1.0) Guest 4.35MB 2,444
Call Of Duty 4 Desert Eagle For CSS Guest 4.49MB 194
Decompiled Counter-Strike Source player models Guest 3.08MB 296
Arnold the Terminator Guest 3.97MB 154
CS: Source HK XM8 Model Dutzey 2.12MB 6,917
CS: Source Wood AWM Weapon Model DarkElfa 1.96MB 2,051
CS: Source Spezz P90 w/Scope DarkElfa 5.54MB 2,524
CS: Source DarkElfa's Deagle AWP Weapon Model DarkElfa 2.52MB 3,330
CS: Source - AK47 Model by Darkstorn Clan of the Dead Goat 2.23MB 3,241
CS: Source - Smith and Wesson .357 Combat Magnum Clan of the Dead Goat 6.68MB 3,668
CS: Source Mac 10 Replacement Clan of the Dead Goat 5.96MB 2,578
CS: Source - L85a1 / SA80 for AUG Clan of the Dead Goat 5.42MB 2,754
CS: Source - Edges for Elites Clan of the Dead Goat 4.14MB 3,889
CS: Source - M9 Beretta Model Clan of the Dead Goat 3.24MB 1,546
CS: Source - M4a1 Model Clan of the Dead Goat 7.07MB 3,825
CS: Source - Boker Applegate Dagger Knife Clan of the Dead Goat 5.48MB 1,094
CS: Source Colt M552a1 for M4a1 Clan of the Dead Goat 4.35MB 2,363
CS: Source: Snowball Grenade Weapon Model Timittytim 2.62MB 1,468
CS: Source Mag Held Ak47 Anims Skin SilentAssassin12 1.87MB 341
CS: Source Avenger M4 Weapon Model DarkElfa 8.45MB 907