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All Files In Counter-Strike: Source Models
Models CS: Source LR-300 Replacement For The Aug

model: Dark Hunter Skin: Dark Hunter Animations: Jennifer!! Compile: Bullet_Head Sounds: Vunsunta


Models CS: Source Old CT Model

Alot of people are complaining about how the CS: Source models changed so here it is the old CS: Source CT model!


Models CS: Source Norwegian CT Skin

This is a skin for the NEW CT-model. Here is a skin truly looking like a norwegian cop. All badges and logos are original. So have a bl...


Models CS: Source Kroenen Model

Model DETA Custom_Model CounterStrike:Source Version1.0 Kroenen Model_Terrorist Texture : 2048x2048 Base_Texture, Reflection_Textur...


Models CS: Source US Soldier Player Skin

DarkElfa's US Soldier CT w/matching defuser Original Model by Valve Reskin by DarkElfa Base skin elements - shoes, canvas texture, gun ho...


Models CS: Source Marpat CT Player Skin

DarkElfa's MARPAT CT w/matching defuser Original Model by Valve Reskin by DarkElfa


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Models CS: Source Old CT Model

The old CSS CT model prior to the latest model update by Valve. Using this will allow you to use the multitude of older Counter Strike: Sour...


Models CS: Source Halo Master Chief Terrorist Model

This is the Halo Master Chief model, this time for the Counter Strike Source Terrorist. The skin has been changed somewhat from the original...


Models CS: Source: CS Italy Chicken Fix Update

This is the new version of L. Duke's cs_italy's chicken 'fix' The missing chickens from cs_italy were found and rescued by the C...


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Models CS: Source Colt M552a1 for M4a1 (v1.0)

This Colt M522a1 replaces your m4. It has new animations and sounds aswell. This is a CDG product.


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Models Call Of Duty 4 Desert Eagle For CSS

A Not Really-Look-A-Like Model From COD 4 Made By KiraYamato152


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Models Decompiled Counter-Strike Source player models

Decompiled Counter-Strike Source player models.


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Models Arnold the Terminator

This is the Arnold Terminator Model For Counter-Strike Source.


HK XM8 CS: Source HK XM8 Model

This model will replace your CS: Source Sig 552 to a Ghost Recon 2 HK XM8 rifle.


Weapons CS: Source Wood AWM Weapon Model

A wooden AWM weapon, really looks great.


Weapons CS: Source Spezz P90 w/Scope

Very nice and cool model of the FN P90. This light weight weapon is very powerful in eliminating the enemy with a few shots.


Weapons CS: Source DarkElfa's Deagle AWP Weapon Model

This very well nicely done Weapon Model made by DarkElfa. A scoped deagle which replaces the AWP.


Weapons CS: Source - AK47 Model by Darkstorn

This model replaces your current AK47 model, very detailed model and high quality skins. This is another Clan of the Dead Goat product....


Weapons CS: Source - Smith and Wesson .357 Combat Magnum

This Smith and Wesson .357 Combat Magnum replaces the IMI made Desert Eagle in Counter Strike Source. It's a high detailed model with very h...


Weapons CS: Source Mac 10 Replacement

This model replaces your current Mac 10 model. This is a CDG product. Have a look ;)


Weapons CS: Source - L85a1 / SA80 for AUG

This L88a1 replaces the AUG in Counter-Strike: Source. It has new animations aswell. Why don't you check out the screenshots below?! ;...


Weapons CS: Source - Edges for Elites

Again a weapon replacement. Again provided by the Clan of the Dead Goat. Go check it out! ;)


Weapons CS: Source - M9 Beretta Model

These models replace your current m9 model. Dual handed as you can see at the screenshots. This is agáin provided by the Clan of the Dead...


Weapons CS: Source - M4a1 Model

This model replaces your current m4a1 model in Counter-Strike Source. *Yawn* Again a Clan of the Dead Goat product Enjoy ;)


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