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Weapons CS: Source - Boker Applegate Dagger Knife

This rar file contains a new knife model which will replace your current one. It also includes 4 skins, you can choose which one you want to...


Weapons CS: Source Colt M552a1 for M4a1

This Colt M522a1 replaces your m4. It has new animations and sounds aswell. This is a CDG product. Enjoy this one too.. ;)


Weapons CS: Source: Snowball Grenade Weapon Model

This is a very cool snowball weapon model (complete with animations) for CS: Source that replaces the default model. Fits the season well a...


Weapons CS: Source Mag Held Ak47 Anims Skin

A pack witch contains a AK47 Model and sounds!


Weapons CS: Source Avenger M4 Weapon Model

The M4 Avenger Elite Covert/Tactical Weapon System was designed by Sebastian Goecke of Snark Heavy Industries, now Avenger Corp., for use by...


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