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Mods Half-Life 2: BlockStorm Modification

BlockStorm is a remake of the old and extremely famous arcade game Arkanoid. Your mission is to break all the blocks you can see in the scre...


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Mods Half-Life 2: BlockStorm Modification

The BlockStorm mod, final version has been released! The only mod made completely just using Valve Hammer Editor, ever! As stated...


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Mods CS: Source RPG v1.0.0 Windows

CSS:RPG v1.0.0 for Windows (Linux version is not available yet) CSS:RPG is a server-side plugin for Counter-Strike: Source that emulates...


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Mods Counter-Strike: Source Logo Remover Mod

This is just a small font file that will remove that annoying "Counter-Strike: Source" logo that covers your pretty custom splash backgrou...


Mods CS: Source Team America Load Screen

This minor mod changes the load screen for CS: Source. This mod features Team America posers.


Mods CS: Source SAS Background

CS: Source SAS background replacement.


Mods CS: Source Garry's Mod V7A

This is a new version of Garry's Mod that allows you to use content from Counter-Strike Source. The download is around the same size as the...


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Mods CS: Source Music Player Mod

Place four of your mp3’s you would like to play in Valve -> Steam -> SteamApps -> User -> counter-strike source -> cstrike -> Sound -> Vo...


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Mods CS: Source Garry's Mod V7A Menu Extension

This addon gives you new Objects for NPC creating. You can now create living NPCs and give them weapon through the Item listings. There s...


Mods CS: Source Menu Background

This is a cs source nav menu background and new style. Its not too bad either. If you fancy a change ;)


Mods CS: Source Paintball Effects Mod

paintball grenades c02 muzzleflashes look like smoke instead of gun fire paintball splats for bullet and blood decals and more!


Mods CS: Source Paintball Bullet Effects

This has been made by Bish0p that will change the way bullet holes look. The holes and bulletmarks now appear as paint splashes, no I can pa...


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Mods CS: Source Sensitivity Toggle Mod

This gives you the ability to change mouse sensitivity with 1 click of your third mouse button.


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Mods CS: Source Black Floor for CS Office Mod

This replaces the standard blue floor with a black one.


Mods CS: Source RPG Source Code

CSS:RPG is a server-side plugin for Counter-Strike: Source that emulates the RPG (role-playing game or "level system") style game play. The...


Mods CS: Source Zombie Horde Mod

Zombie Horde is a survival game. You and your team must work together to annihilate the horde of undead that is intent on making a meal of y...


Mods CS:Source Ultimate Realism Mod

This CS: Source realism mod increases all the weapon damages by a lot and takes some CT-only weapons off the T side. It also changes weapon...


Mods CS: Source Ultimate Weapons Mod (v2.0)

Finally! The new version of Ultimate Weapons Mod is out! Its a total makeover of the origional mod, including changes in weapon damages, rat...


Mods CS: Source Enemy Territory Mod 2008 (Beta 96)

Based on the famous game Enemy Territory this mod is trying to add some RPG and team based gameplay to CS:S. It lets people choose a class a...


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Mods Bumpy Shiny Player Models

This mod adds nomrmal a map with a specular channel to both the terrorist and counter-terrorist models in Counter-Strike: Source.


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Mods CS Source: Buy Script v1.0

This version is only a buy script, and has no other special functions. It has a scrolling pre-set feature, which allows you to quickly scrol...


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Mods Weapon Names Fix

This fix replaces the CounterStrike Source weapon names with their real world counterparts.


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Mods Spray Image Pack

This is a pack of unfinished spray paint images for CS: Source. Modify them to your liking and show them off to the world!


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Great CSS improvement ! Submitted by Neon3D.