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Others CS: Source Territory 51 Map

This map was created for those of you out there that love airvents :D lol. This map has airvents, a building open ground, and a secret Snip...


Others CS: Source Glassmap Map

This is my first CS:S map.


Others CS: Source DM Island Map

Counter Strike: Source DM Island Map


Others CS: Source Deagle Map

A fun map for you to try out in Source! Enjoy!


Others CS: Source SC_City17

note: this is a very demanding map due to the amount of particles,and the size. some of you may experience some slowdown. have fun made by...


Others CS: Source SC_Ravenholm

town from ravenholm with redone lighting, more areas, and edited to be cs friendly. made by |eFe|_zerO Email [email protected] w...


Others CS: Source dm_omahabeach_beta1

Map based on the Allied landing at Omaha Beach.


Others CS: Source Office Space map

Alright an all female development team, thats something you don't see that often! Keep it up girls! Their map name would lead you to belie...


Others CS: Source Snow Night

-there are four useable switches to turn off/on the lights in certain areas (not very effective when playing with bots) -this is an arena t...


Others CS: Source Snipe_Building Map

Basicly two buildings across from each other, and your on top of one, your enemies are on top of the other? Well, either way its not too bad...


Others CS: Source bomb_and_run Map

This is a map for CS:S. Its a fairly basic maze looking type of map. Download this if you want ;)


Others CS: Source aMAZEing Map

This is another maze based map from Shawn Shamrock, i prefer this one alot more, its got your generic dark and dangerous hallway feel to it...


Others CS: Source de_stadium Map

This is de_stadium, a map for CS: S. It has backstage arena areas with cafe's and pepsi machines, and other good details, very nice map :)...


Others CS: Source Substation Map

Now then, this is a subway, or underground for the British of us ;) , station. Its a great map, plenty of detail and nice brush work.


Others CS: Source Tu_tennis Map

This map is created by Julian Aka Legacy from the clan CS:Source clan TU


Others CS: Source LDB Training Map

This is made by the LDB clan This is a fast CQB map that is fun to play. by {LDB}K2 [email protected][/quot...


Others CS: Source Breakfloor Map

This map was made by tstar please post comments below Remember: you are supposed to break the floor and dig tunnels to eachother! when i...


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Others CS: Source BT_Arena_Night MAP

Author's Description: This is the second variation of the Black Talon death-match arena map. This one is at night with a thick layer of f...


Others CS: Source BT_Arena_beta1 MAP

Author's Description: This is the first official Black Talon DM arena map. Fast action paced rounds similar to fy_iceworld, bt_arena thro...


Others CS: Source Ambush Map

Author's Description: Ambush is a small map that starts out quick. The CT's start off in two Army trucks that are blockaded in the street....


Others CS: Source P90Orange_SourceB2 MAP

This map is a remake of the excellent CS 1.6 map P90Orange.


Others CS: Source GlassFloor_jkl Map

GlassFloor_jkl is a map with little floating glass platforms the are easily breakable, have fun! :)


Others CS: Source Glass_Crusher Map

A glass map made for CS: Source, you better be carefull of where you stand, or you might be crushed ^_^, have fun!


Others CS: Source GlassFloor_jkl Map

Version 2 of the Glassfloor map made by Mr_jackle. For the first version of this map, go [url=";38482/"...