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Others CS: Source Cs_De_Oilstation Map

A CS and DE mixed, (Bomb Defusal And Hostage Rescue), have fun! :D


Others CS: Source Coyote Map

A sweet looking map made by Titus, just don't fall ;)


Others CS: Source Mammas_House Map

This map is made by ZeRo, now this is one high map, if i were you ,sneak up on an enemy, and *poke* him off the building :P, have fun!


Others CS: Source AwpDrop Map

Now be carefull of where you are walking/jumping, or it might be your last, have fun with this map!


Others CS: Source BreakFloor Map

Quote from readme: My map is pretty simple, but i guarantee you like it! the floor is made of about 150 breakable blocks, shoot at them...


No Screenshot
Others CS: Source Rix_First Map

A map for CS: source made by R!, at his map name i would say its his first map, looks nice, some spots to hide, and to snipe :), have f...


Others CS: Source Rix_Cz_Pool Map

Another nice map by R!, it may look simple, but lots of hide spots :), and a swimming pool if you are bored! :D, have fun!


Others CS: Source Css_Mrc_Assault_Final Map

Quote from readme: Hostages spawn at random points!! This makes for the T's to not just camp one spot. This map is by far the best Assau...


Others CS: Source DM Frostfire Map

A sweet looking map made by BaD*OmeN, worth to download :) Quote From Readme: For those of you who play Socom 2 and love this...


Others CS: Source 12Guagerage Map

Looks a pretty good back (dark map like in the evening with no stars :P), but its rather small if you ask me, have fun playing with this map...


No Screenshot
Others CS: Source GR ScoutForest Map

This looks like a really interesting map, i think myself the whole map is with trees (as the map name is ScoutForest). Notes from read...


No Screenshot
Others CS: Source Mp5zknivez Map

A 2 floors (as i can see on the screenshot) map created by Dan Jack..., have fun! :)


Others CS: Source Ramps Map

This is Nate's first map, it looks quite interesting if you ask me, it looks like there are 3 floors, and lots of places to hide. Have f...


Others CS: Source Dierick's Map Pack

A map pack that has 15 maps made by the Nicosoftgames users, below you will see a list with num...


Others CS: Source WallHacks map

Invisible walls with outlines on the floor, now this could be tuff!, have fun! :)


Others CS: Source Alamo Map

Sweet good looking map made by MDS31781, The map holds up to 32 payers (16 players per side), and 1 bomb site which is located right in the...


Others CS: Source DM My Room Map

A bland series of rooms, just ready to be fragged, or speed fragged.


Others CS: Source DM PacMan Map

A small speed frag map based on the pacman maze. It looks interesting.


Others CS: Source BestBuy Map

A really sweet map, and good sized as well made by MDS31781, just remember to read the readme carefully for the installation because there a...


Others CS: Source OliveGarden Map

A really nicely done map made by MDS31781, worth a download, Quote From Readme You all should recognize this place, the Olive...


Others CS: Source KrazyMaze2 Map

Here we have a very cool and fun map which consists of 2 spawn areas for both T's and CT's and then they all meet up in the middle of a pi...


Others CS: Source Big Glass Room Map

A Big glass map by a French player.


Others CS: Source Bridge Map

This is a really large sized map for 32 players, where you can ride on the train, Both stone towers and the big wood house can be destroyed...


Others CS: Source Lookout Map

Its the Counter-Terrorists job to stop the terrorists, while the Terrorist can climb down to the lower layer to plant the bomb. Its quite ch...