AIM Yavin Arena



discover the possibilities of Valve's powerful Source Engine, so I started the quickest possible project, porting an old map from me. The result was an aztec-themed aim map. The Map itself has no changes since the 2008 Version, I added only CS:S-Textures, new light and the platform with the awp.The brushes are unedited, so I have to say sorry. It is planned to port this map one day for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, where I will try to edit every single detail. An Day of Defeat: Source Version is currently under development with a lot of extras. I hope you will have fun with my first Counter-Strike Map. This ap is an extended version of my "KA Yavin Arena" map.You don't like aim-maps? There is also a ka_yavin_arena! ka_* means Knife Arena.


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