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Sprays For Counter Strike: Source

I have just created some functional spray logos. They do serve an actual function in Counter-St...


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Sprays For Counter Strike: Source

I have just created some functional spray logos. They do serve an actual function in Counter-Strike: Source. I created them based off of exact images of in-game player models for one reason: to mimic the silhouette of a terrorist or counter-terrorist. After many hours of testing online through various servers, I have come to one conclusion: While this is a new type of spray-logo, and people aren't used to seeing these "dummies" yet, they fire at the dummies approximately 20%-50% of the time they see them within the first 2 seconds. This may not seem like much, but it instanly gives away the shooter's location, and I have personally experienced a slight advantage with them. I have seen an enemy ambush insdie a house turn into a counter ambush due to the entering terrorists firing at my CT dummy which was at the end of the hallway. I have also experienced success by placing a dummy aloft in a sniper's position, only to draw the fire of an enemy sniper in turn giving away his position.

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Counter-Strike: Source

Dummy Target Spray logo


         __    ___  _____ _____ _____ _      __         __
| / \  / | \  /   \   |     |     |   |\    / | |    | /
|/   \/  |  | |   |   |     |     |   | \  /  | |    | \__
|\    |  | \  |   |   |     |     |   |  \/   | |    |    |
| \   |  |  \ \___/   |     |   __|__ |       |  \__/  __/ 

~=-=-= KYROTTIMUS =-=-=~

All files within this .zip were captured using Half-Life 2 Source Engine via 
Counter-Strike: Source and Created using Photoshop 7

Files included

1 Counter-Terrorist Dummy Spray logo (targa file, for use in Counter-Strike: Source)
1 Terrorist Dummy Spray Logo         (targa file, for use in Counter-Strike: Source)
1 Counter-Terrorist Dummy Spray logo example and size comparison to a real player (Jpeg file, For general windows viewing)
1 Terrorist Dummy Spray Logo example of placement on top of elevated position     (Jpeg file, For general windows viewing)

Install Directions: 

1. Download and Extract .zip file to where you can remember it
2. Extract the .zip file in its current location
3. Run Counter-Strike: Source through Steam, and go into options
4. Browse to the folder you downloaded/extracted .zip file
5. Select either the Terror_Dummy.tga or CT_Dummy.tga (reflective upon same as your current team)

NOTE: Some servers do not reflect an in game spray logo change immediately and can take up to 5 minutes for changed spray to show change.
I recommend you select your spray before joining a server and picking that team.

6. Use your spray logo key (default "t") to spray Dummy Target onto a wall.  To get best effect, I recommend crouching, 
and getting fairly close to a wall (not too close) and aim down near the bottom of the wall (low but not too low, a second image will 
paste itself to the ground if you are too low, which is not what you want).

For best server response time, DSL or faster is recommended.  On a slow dialup it can take up to 2-3 minutes for your spray to become 
uploaded to the server so the rest of the players can see it.  On a fast connection it shouldn't take more than 20-30 seconds.


After a dozen hours of testing, I have found that roughly 20%-50% of people will shoot at these "dummies" within the first 
2 seconds their peripheral vision see's their outline.  Obviously this is a one trick poney.  While it works in a clutch, 
don't rely on this as a crutch.  It works espcially well indoors and in dark areas.  For even better results, try placing 
dummy on a wall on top of a crate, or elevated object that would be common to find a player.

Downside is a spray-logo dummy will not move, hence it will only fool someone between 2-6 seconds.  Obviously the further
away the enemy is, the longer it will take for them to identify this as a spray logo dummy.  And if a dummy is sprayed too 
far up on a wall, it will take less than 1 second for them to figure it out.  Placement is crucial!

Enjoy watching the bullet holes appear on your dummy!

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