CS: CZ Wimbeldon Map

A .nav file that contains a map for CS: CZ set on a wimbeldon tennis court. :p


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A .nav file that contains a map for CS: CZ set on a wimbeldon tennis court. :p

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Download 'de_wimbeldon.nav.rar' (736KB)


The nav file is hand-edited and place painted.There were few bugs and lagging points in auto generated nav,which were curbing bots to respond properly and stucked bots at one place..Now bots are using other short way for encounter..and using that goofy way as only one way track..they are on hunt now.

To install:
Place the .nav file in the maps folder of condition zero(..ofcourse u must need to have de_wimbeldon map first :))

url for map:

.nav file created/painted by Shahzad{its me :)}

Target Scenario:
There are two bomb sides in this map, One is "A" side Second is "B" side
CT's must prevent T's to plant Bomb
T's wash-out Ct's who are protecting ur Hit lists targets:
Map contents:
This map is made by 2d-Chris..The aim for map is, T's want to explode one of two tennis courts,but CT's want reverse.

26/04/2006 (shahzad) - All bots are on Target..All Done

For ur kind suggestion or information PLZ contact me at [email protected]

			!!!!!!!!!ENJOY THE TRIP!!!!!!!!!

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