CS: Source 4T AWP Map

A new fort map, just made for AWPing.


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A new fort map, just made for AWPing.

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Download 'awp_4t.zip' (825KB)

awp_4T  a.k.a (awp_fort)

This map is a two sided map using the AWPS only.
I made it cuz' i luv teh AWP. Enjoy

1. Installation

Extract the awp_4T.bsp into your C:/Program Files/Valve/steam/steam apps/
youraccountname/counter-strike source/cstrike/maps  if thats complicated
put it in your maps folder in your Cstrike folder.

2. Author
Drake Jauch  a.k.a oktmo methmatuc


I hope you like my awp map. Took me no more then 15 minutes to make. Just
always wanted a fort map for awping.

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