CS: Source AIM_Junkyard Map

A new AIM map that supports up to 32 players


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A new AIM map that supports up to 32 players

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Download 'aim_junkyard.zip' (463KB)

Release Date: 15/Dec/04
(First attempt at a map, so forgive any fubar's)

A Counterstrike: Source map.

As the name says this is an Aim map.
Support for up to 32 players.

If you use it on your server please drop me a line as I would love to join in ;)

Any feedback, hints, tips, flames etc


Have fun and thanks for reading.

PS: I know this is a fairly basic map, but I love aim maps and this was a simple way
for me to learn Hammer and map making. Next map will be a lot better ;)

Small recompile on 16/Dec/04

Added source file (vmf) so people can see how I made the map, and also point out my errors hehe.

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