CS: Source Black_Gign_CT Skin

Nice looking CT Skin made by -Avarice-, have fun! :D


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Nice looking CT Skin made by -Avarice-, have fun! :D

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Download 'avarice737blackgignct.zip' (2MB)

-Avarice-'s Black GIGN CT

I made this Black GIGN CT skin because
I was bored and felt like making a
non-SEALS skin (Not that I hate them, I
think they are cool and all, but I just
wanted to make something else) Oh and
please don't spam me with hate mail, one
hate message per person is good enough.


Unzip the file to the directory:
../SteamApps/(User name)/counter-strike source/cstrike/

If you already have a matrials folder,
then put the folders in this materials
folder into the one you have.

If you need help with something you can
post a comment or contact me at:

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