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This is a hostage rescue map for Counter-Strike: Source. The CT's spawn at the bottom of a hill leading up to a bunker. At the bunker the T'...


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This is a hostage rescue map for Counter-Strike: Source. The CT's spawn at the bottom of a hill leading up to a bunker. At the bunker the T's are spawned in the armory, and must protect the various hostages within the bunker from being rescued by the CT's. This is my first map created with Hammer, so I would like some constructive criticism. Please don't post a comment that will in no way help me. Also, if you like my map come to the official testing server and be the first to test new versions of this map and more!

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Download 'bunked_b1_pack.zip' (543KB)

	Thanks for downloading my map first of all. For more of my maps, and some of the betas visit in counter-strike source! Since you are reading this that means you are probably confused. In this FAQ I will explain all the interactive things in my map as well as how to install for the rookies. At the bottom is a small FAQ section.

1.) Select both Bunker_b1.bsp AND Bunker_b1.nav and copy them.

2.) Open C:Program FilesValveSteamSteamAppsYOURUSERNAMEcounter-strike sourcecstrikemaps.

3.) Paste the two files into that folder.

4.) Open up counter-strike and click on create server.

5.) Click the dropdown map menu and select Bunker_b1 from the list.

(OPTIONAL) If Bunker_b1 is not in the list then open your console via the ~ key and type "map bunker_b1" and press enter.


#In the Terrorist spawn when you shoot the glass leading to the 3 weapons in the back an alarm will sound and the door will lock. If you are trapped in the gun area there is a button under the window which can be pushed to unlock the door for 5 seconds. Also in that room there is a ceiling light that is plain white. This light can be shot out, leaving the room pitch black if the alarm lights are off.

#In the area near the front gate there is a door which is locked. This door can only be opened by shooting the lock of the door, thus unlocking it. Within that room there is also a light switch which can be used via the e key to toggle the room's lights.

#In the bar looking room there are 4 stacks of money on the center table. If you move near them and push your use key you will pick them up, however it does not actually give you money, it is just an effect.

#In the torture room you will notice 2 buttons and a yellow striped door on the far side. The button on your left will close and lock the door and ignite flames within the small chamber. The second button (The one to the right) will open the door, however the flames will continue for a maximum of 30 seconds more. The hostages will not be injured from the fire, however a camping terrorist or an unlucky CT could be.

#In the basement you will notice a large yellowish light in the center of the big room. If you fire on it, the light will dimenish leaving the large room very dark. Also, in the small office area the light can be shot out in the same fashion. This can be used to give yourself the element of surprise.


Q.) While playing your map my fingernails, gun, and other certain things are showing up shiny.

A.) This map uses HDR lighting. While it is hard on your machine it gives a great effect of realism to the map. To get rid of the effect simply start the map and type "buildcubemaps" in the console without the quotations. It will take a few screenshots and you will be resumed in your game. To get the cubemaps to work effectivly you must restart your game however, by completely exiting the game and then restarting the game and launching the map.

Q.) Why do the bots run into the front room's office door and the T spawn gun door?

A.) The bots are not smart enough to realize certain things in game. Most of the times they realize to shoot the lock on the front office door but other times they don't. However when the T spawn gun door is locked from the glass breaking it stays locked and the bots think it can be opened and they are stubborn bastards to say the least.

Q.) Can I help out on maps with you?

A.) I do appreciate the offer, but the best way you could help me is to come to the official testing server and help test my maps with me.

Q.) There is something I need to contact you about.

A.) I can be contacted via email at gigpop21@gmail.com

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