CS: Source CBRNE Recon Skin

This replaces the regular Counter-Terrorist skin with the U.S. Air Force Readiness CBRNE Recon skin.


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This replaces the regular Counter-Terrorist skin with the U.S. Air Force Readiness CBRNE Recon skin.

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U.S. Air Force 3E9X1 Readiness CBRNE RECON





  Being a fan of Counter-Strike: Source and being a 
veteran of Enduring Freedom myself, I thought it to 
only make sense that my first skin to be based off 
of my AFSC (Air Force Specialty Code) that I was 
trained in.  That being the 3E931, also known 
as a Readiness Apprentice. 

(3E9X1 was used for the career field in all levels. 
"X" being used for any of the following levels; 
1-Trainee, 3-Apprentice, 5-Journeyman, 7-Craftsman, 
or 9-Superintendent).  

  It is one of the most diverse and specialized 
career-fields in the Air Force, I was a part 
of a great deal of training and exercises.  
Specializing in Chemical, Biological, Radiological, 
Nuclear, and Explosive Reconnaissance (Also known as CBRNE), 
I have been in extremely hostile situations. 
For instance, during my initial technical training 
at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, I went through the
CDTF (Chemical Defense Training Facility). It was 
here that, while protected in Full MOPP-4, I was 
exposed to deadly Sarin and Vx Nerve Agents.
  While during peacetime we focus on Instructing 
other Troops on the proper procedures to protect 
and defend themselves in a warzone, but during wartime 
it is a whole different story.  Either attached to a 
forward deployed Army Unit, Initial Beddown Force 
of Civil Engineers (sometimes RED HORSE), or even 
Tactical Insurtion as an Airborne Troop; Readiness Troops 
Embody a Jack-of-all-trades.  While running our Recon 
well outside of our beddown location, almost always 
in teams of 2, it is not uncommon to engage hostile forces.  
While Readiness Troops aren't trained to seek and 
destroy, they definately know how to put up a nasty 
fight.  One of the few careers in the Air Force 
where enlisted men are required to deploy with 
both a primary (M16A2/M14A1) and Secondary (M9)




  The patch on the back of my skin is the subdued 
version of our DRF (Disaster Response Force) patch. 
All Readiness Troops are considered part of the DRF.
Basically, during any Contingiancy (Peacetime or War), 
Readiness Troops are usually among the first on the 
ground.  Also on the Back, is the "sharpie-marker" 
text of "3E931" and "O-NEG" (being my blood-type).
Granted this information is usually kept elsewhere 
like deployment cards, and Dog-Tags, when troops 
mix (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines) it helps to 
know who is who and to have vital info such as 
blood type openly visible. 

  I did what I could to make the skin accurate.
Obviosly there will be variances, like the tactical
vest.  In the Air-Force, they generally frown upon 
having black tac-gear, especially in Desert Camo. 
That said, I left the tac-gear black because 
Olive Drab actually doesn't look as appealing to 
the eye.  But as far as the BDU's and Helmet covering 
being woodland camo, that is accurate.  On the 
front of the Vest, I took what most would find 
normally on our BDU's and Field Jackets... 
"U.S. Air Force" over our left pocket, and 
"LastName" over our right.  Generally you wouldn't 
find this on a tac-vest, but I've seen it done 
on occaision to most types of gear so it doesn't 
get mixed up.  MOLLE-Bags, Rucks, Helmets, Vests...
All I've seen with extra name-tapes sewed/glued on.

On the boots 
I added a "Jungle Boot" style OD Green coloring to 
the nylon siding.  Just like the real thing.  I 
also added some camo-facepaint and changed a 
lot of items OD Green (Balaclava on face, knee-pads, 

  Also note the Rank on the sleeves.  The Air Force 
is the only Branch that still puts the rank of its
enlisted-men on the sleeves of the BDU's.  The rest 
put their rank on their lapels.  In this case, 
I chose my rank when I was honorably discharged;
Airman First-Class (A1C).  This was Enlisted, 
grade 3, also known as E-3.  

(BDU = Battle Dress Uniform... AKA Fatigues)


   I N S T A L L A T I O N

Simply unzip the file to the directory:
../SteamApps/(YOUR EMAIL)/counter-strike source/cstrike/

   U N I N S T A L L

Navigate to the following directory:

../SteamApps/(YOUR EMAIL)/counter-strike source/cstrike/materials/player/

Delete the Urban folder.

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