CS: Source Crawler's Knife Variety Pack

A knife pack for all you knife lovers, this pack has 23 different knifes... check out the screenshot for them all!

Have fun!


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A knife pack for all you knife lovers, this pack has 23 different knifes... check out the screenshot for them all!

Have fun!

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Download 'ckvp.zip' (6.7MB)

<----->Pack Made by Crawler<----->

		Despite the complications of so many colors being in this pack,
I have made everything EXTREMELY easy for you guys by simply making it gruesomely 
hard for myself! Okay heres the low-down... There are 3 folders next to this readme,
one has colorless knives, one has knives that look like they came out of a crayola
box, and one has special knives that I made just for the hell of it. Choose what type
of skin you want and go into that folder. Next depending on what you chose, there will
be several options of blades, these are in their respective folders. Now, my suggestion
to make things easier is to view them in filmstrip mode (go to the top, select veiw,
and change it to filmstrip). This way if u can't decide what color/type you want, you 
will be able to see little pictures of the blades which I very conveniently put in each

Now although there are many options for the 1st person blades, there is only one
for the 3rd person skin (you can see its picture next to this readme). Thats mainly 
because I don't have the time to skin each type of blade AGAIN on the 3rd person skin
template for the knife. Also, having everyone else hold a plain blade and you hold a
colored/special/whateverthe$@^!youwant one is a major confidence booster...unless you 
picked the plain blade for yourself also. 

Anyway, after you picked what blade suits you best, just go inside its folder, and copy
the materials folder to you CSS/cstrike directory and your done! Really, the hardest
part is choosing which skin you like.    

		You're telling me that after all we just went through you want to get rid
of it?!?! You selfish basterd! Well anyway, just hop on into your CSS/cstrike folder,
scavenge through the materials/models/weapons folders, and delete the knife_t vmt and vtf
files in your v_models/knife_t folder along with the w_knife_t vmt and vtf files
in the w_models/w_knife_t folder. No there aren't any threats this time, but don't expect
a meat basket for xmas... >=/ 

		The maker of this pack is not responsible for any damage that may or may 
not (most likely may not) be caused to your computer. It's just a few skins ffs, the worst
they can do is mess up ur directory and confuse you. Also, the skins featured in this pack
were created from original thought, they were not recreations. If any of the skins look
like someone elses, I am sorry, it is just a coincidence.

<->Extra Note<->
		Okay well ever since I started using custom skins/models (oh so long ago)
I always loved it when skinners made variety packs (Packs of skins that gave the user
a choice), I always wanted to make one, so here it is. This was very time consuming and 
confusing for the most part, so if ANYTHING doesn't work/isn't there please tell me as soon
as possible and I will try to fix it as fast as I can. It is about 1'ish right now, and my
eyes are tired, so please excuse me if any of the skins have improper names (for example if a
skin looks blue, and I said it was cyan, don't take to much of it, after a while infront of
the comp skinning my eyes start to play tricks on me and I confuze colors.) A common problem
I noticed while testing the skins is that during certain light conditions the colors would
fade or disappear completely. There shouldn't be too much of this in the classic maps, but
it might be seen alot in custom ones. I tried to mess with the shaders, but what I ended up
with wasn't as good as the original, so I kept it the same. I hope you guys enjoy the skins,
I probably will make more variety packs, but not for a while.

<->Copyright Note<-> 
		This and all other skins made by this author (Crawler) shall NOT be
used for commercial gain. In other words, screw you games fusion. If you want to
use any of the skins in this pack, for another pack that is FREE to everyone, please
be my guest and add credits if possible. If you are reskinning any of the skins in this
pack, or any other of my skins in general, you MUST add credits. Thank You!

Like the pack? Have any good comments? Have anything you don't like? Go ahead and email
me at raf4a@yahoo.com. Or if u just wanna chat then hit me up on aim, I'm Crawler101010101
...don't ask... I'm barely on but if ur lucky u can catch me!

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