CS: Source Craz'D Blood Mod



This blood mod was made by GreatBish0p, and will let you splatter huge gobs of realistic blood all over the wall near your last headshot assuring you he is dead (or very cold). Great for those who love the bloody, gory stuff.



okKKKK!!!!...   here is another blood mod by The GreatBish0p !!!!         Craz'D Blood MOD!   GORY BLOODY AWSOME

this one has some quality and some cool features...

more blood different blood puff body wounds are bigger and more noticable, more red
  and new blood splats and makes it more realistic but can also be less realistic, not so much as blood where u cant even see the enemey..
**THIS NEW blood version of ultimate blood its bigger and MUCH MORE BLOOOooooDDddyy!!!.. looks nicer

DANK  (man with the blood files first, i give him about 75% of my credit for finding out all these great features)
c1team (helping me out with the blood splats on walls and boxes, etc)
Cs42886 (thank him alot too also using part of your smoke puff, sry if you get mad but i will edit it so its under my textures not yours, but thanks you very much did edit some of it not like all the same)
and of course Vavle for making a great game (may have some bugs , but PEOPLE come on best game out there!! no stop dissing it and help out with it) sick of the forums and ppl bitching about everything bad about the game

so my email = [email protected]    AIM account = knowsirlostchild

if you use anything of this modification BE SURE TOO!!!

*  put my name, danks, cs42886, and c1team for helping

* and then u can edit what ever with this modification

hope you all enjoy this very much...     

got any ideas for me let me know in the forums....

PUT THE 4 folder    decals, effects, sprites, and particles     INTO

HERE:  c:\Program Files\Valve\Steam\SteamApps\STEAM-username\counter-strike source\cstrike\materials
                                               ^steam name^ name for your account put there!

next step   Enj0y

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