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An original and fun map (not mod) made by R_Yell


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An original and fun map (not mod) made by R_Yell

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Download 'cs_harvest.rar' (11.24MB)

CS_HARVEST by R_Yell ([email protected])


Counter-Terrorist must rescue hostages located in second house floor. Rescue zone is inside the barn. Tip: hostages don't follow if you run too fast.

Terrorist must prevent rescue.


This map uses detail vegetation in abundance, if you owns an high end system and want to improve graphics, set detail render to 4000 or more in console (cl_detaildist 4000). If your CPU is old, set it to 0.

THANKS to those how made possible this map:

Cawest ([email protected]) for his hay bale model. Found on http://www.sourceprefabs.com

Zareh ([email protected]) for his chevy van model. Found on http://www.hl2world.com

GPUMANIA.COM community: Manuel15, Alpa, Ackor, fer69, redhound, Always, Hitmaker, Jooki, Kaos Etiliko and Zeyckler for their betatesting, suggestions and ideas.

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