CS: Source CS Industry Map

CS_Industry is a Counter-Strike: Source Hostage Rescue map.


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CS_Industry is a Counter-Strike: Source Hostage Rescue map.

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This is a Counter-strike Source Hostage Rescue map (CS)

It's not perfect but it's my first proper stab at making a decent map. I used some prefabs
which were downloaded from FPS Banana, so credit goes out to the people who made those, especially
the BT Phone Box. Also thanks goes out to all the people who have written tutorials on FPS Banana
as a lot of them helped me with my map. Although the curved stairs in this map were all me messing
around with vertex tools and arches and what-not.

To install simply copy the cstrike folder into 
"steamdirectory/steamapps/-username-/counter-strike source/

Hope you enjoy all my hard work!!!
Happy Head-shots


(catch me on TF2 wireplay or multiplay ctf_2fort servers)

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