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Nice castle map made by stoned887, this map sure is big (8.84mb), have fun! :D


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Nice castle map made by stoned887, this map sure is big (8.84mb), have fun! :D

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Download 'cs_smallcastle.zip' (8.84MB)

Copy the folders "maps" and "materials"  in your "cstrike" folder. it should automaticlly add the .bsp, the .cache and the .ain         
 to its right locations.                                                                                                                
(the file path to cstrike should look simething like this :"C:\valve\steam\SteamApps\urmail@map.bsp\counter-strike source\cstrike       
Developed by: stoned887                                                                                                                 
Email: keller_kind123456@yahoo.de                                                                                                      
I tested this map a few times but Im sure that there are still some small bugs that i didnt find by now.                                
You can contact me at by email (find my email adress 5 lines above)  if you find something.                                            
I still have some problems on my own with this ma because its actually my first map.                                                    
For example i had problems with the hostages because i just couldnt make  them go through the house                                    
so if you are a more professional mapper then me you can send me an email with a short discription for that problem                    
or i can send you the .Vtf file by email if i find you trustworthy :P.                                                                  
what else to say... I hope you will enjoy playing this map and im waiting for your feedback.                                            

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