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Here is a Christmas type map for Counter Strike Source, this map is set on Christmas Eve where a group of terrorists have taken four people...


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Here is a Christmas type map for Counter Strike Source, this map is set on Christmas Eve where a group of terrorists have taken four people hostage in a small apartment located in the mountainside village of Eve, Switzerland. The Counter Terrorists will start outside in the church yard and will have to walk through the churchyard and the village to get to the apartment building holding the hostages, while the Terrorists will start within the small apartment complex and must protect the hostages at all costs...

This map is main based on a mountainside village, and is set in the winter time, so the whole outside of the map is covered in snow. This map includes several buildings, a fireplace, a graveyard, many rooms, a footbridge and even a Christmas tree which adds to the Christmas feeling of the map. This map is highly recommended to those that want to see some more Christmas maps for Counter Strike Source even though it is almost a year old. This map also includes a nav file so you can also use it to play against the bots.

There is also a secret room on this map that can be accessed by pressing two buttons somewhere in the map, however this won't be mentioned here so you can have some fun finding it for yourself.

This map was added to HL2 Files with Permission of the Author.

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Download 'cs_xmas.rar' (35.32MB)


By Stormseeker (C J Horn)

Released - 23/12/05

maps - cs_xmas.bsp and cs_xmas.nav
sound - cs_xmas_sound(folder containing {"Cmelody" and "King's College Choir - Christmas Carols -03 - Ding Dong, Mer"})
readme - .txt file


1. Extract this rar to your cstrike folder located here.

C:\Program Files\Valve\Steam\SteamApps\{your username}\counter-strike source\cstrike



It is 24th December, and a group of Terrorists has taken 4 people hostage in a small Apartment complex, 
located in the Mountainside Village of Eve, Switzerland.
A counterterrorist unit has been dispatched to rescue them. 
Make your way from the churchyard deployment point through the small village to the residence, then rescue the hostages, 
rendezvouing back at the churchyard for evac.


You have taken 4 people hostage, and must hold them until your demands are met. 
This time of year is perfect for media attention. 
Hold the hostages against all odds. If all else fails, execute them!


Concept - Stormseeker (C J Horn)

Map - Stormseeker

Models - Blade (Laurence Whaites) {Christmas tree and decorations}
	 Pat Glynn {Wreaths, picture frame}

Materials - Stormseeker {pictures etc}
	    Pat Glynn {garlands, wrapping paper}

Sound - Digital Dreamer {CMelody}
	Bing Crosby/Dean Martin/Tony Bennett/Choir of Kings College Cambridge.

Base Content provided by Valve and Turtle Rock studios.

Beta Testers - GamerSmurf, Blade, Stormseeker, Pat Glynn, Alexroyce, Raminator, Crunk Juice, Jenno Bing, XtremEend, 
	       Noboe120, Dr.H, M0rph3v5, Pufuwuzu, Jean Paul.

Hosting - Alexroyce.


Please don't copy this map, or use it to produce 
(aim, fy, as, awp, de, dm, scoutsknives or any other variant type of map, including dod source, or hl2dm or hl2 singleplayer)
If you wish to do something like this, or vmex the map for referance, please email me for permission first.

You can find me at www.HL2World.com in either the Counterstrike: Source forum or Day of Defeat: Source forum or 
Dawn of the Dead forum under the name "stormseeker".

or email me at cjhorn@gmail.com



Thankyou for Downloading this map!

Happy Xmas.

 - Stormseeker.

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