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A Counter Strike: Source CS map


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Cappy's Yemen Source

Installation: Put all files into your 
C:/programfiles/valve/steam/steamapps/j00@email.com/counter-strike source/cstrike/maps folder

(don't you miss the good old days of C:/half-life/valve/maps?)

Missing the .nav file or anything just email me for it or if
you are an inquisitive mapper and promise not to "borrow" too much
I will email you the .vmf for learning purposes.

Creator: Bruce "=AoD= Captain" Beckley Jr.
Email: captaincshl@yahoo.com (I always welcome the questions
of new mappers, criticism of the experienced, and fan/hate mail).
AIM: BruceBeck1981
Finished: 12/6/04
Compiled: AthlonXp 2500 o/c'ed @ 2.1ghz
	Abit NF7-S Nforce2 mainboard
	512 meg Dual-Channel non-ECC PC2700 Buffalo Tech DDR RAM
	ATI Radeon 9800 Pro 128mb
	WD 40gig HDD
12 minute compile time, 2 week construct time.

Map is not for sale, but free for distrubution on all
electronic media, websites, ftp's as long as this info file
and all contents of original .zip or .rar are kept intact.

Coming Soon from This Mapper:

pdds_dual_source (Christmas '04)
dm_morgoth_source (January '05)
de_theseus (eventually)

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