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Adds new navigation points for bots and improves others for 12 different maps.


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File Description

Adds new navigation points for bots and improves others for 12 different maps.

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Download 'csbot_nav_pack_v1.0.rar' (2.67MB)

Nav Description
All navs are hand-tuned and place painted

cs_highsocity hand-tuned and place painted
cs_boxoffice2k hand-tuned and place painted
cs_pacific hand-tuned and place painted
cs_assault(official map) hand-tuned and place painted(bots will not jump down the roof)
de_wimbeldon hand-tuned and place painted
de_lovecs_final hand-tuned 
dust2_remake hand-tuned and place painted
cs_16fighter hand-tuned and place painted
de_seaside2k hand-tuned and place painted(now CT's will protedt bombsite B)
de_heat hand-tuned and place painted(now CT's will not jump at backway area and protect bombsite B)
cs_action hand-tuned and place painted
cs_wildwest hand-tuned and place painted

There is entity.txt along-with winrar..u just need to do is: download BSPEDITv1.4(www.csnavcentral.com)software then open cs_highsociety.bsp..Now just remove entity and copy the entity along-with Winrar and paste it in cs_highsocity..
because the hostages door in this map opens with Button,,and we all know condition zero bots dont use buttons..so i just removed the target..now door opens automatically..(must download BSPEDITv1.4(www.csnavcentral.com)..and replace this entity.txt with original one..

Map specification:
Im not directly or indirectly associated with original maps..These maps belong to their Mappers not me...I have just created and place painted the nav meshes area, so that maps look reasonable to play.

All navs are created,hand-tuned and place painted by Shahzad(its me:))

13/05/2006(Shahzad)..All bots are on Target now

			!!!!!!!!!! ENJOY !!!!!!!!!!

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