CS: Source CT_Nightstalker SKIN

Awesome good looking skin for CS: Source CT made by Heåvnz † Wårrìor


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Awesome good looking skin for CS: Source CT made by Heåvnz † Wårrìor

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Download 'ct_nightstalker.zip' (4.54MB)

CT Nightstalker

by Heåvnz † Wårrìor


Well as you all know they realeased the new ct model, model is great but personally
i didnt like the color scheme..
This is a black, green, gray, and gold mixture...

Custom detail where it should be.
Got rid of the stripes on the helmet.
Darkened pretty much every aspect of the skin.
Added a custom patch, where the "seal team 3" used to be.
Got rid of the dull yellow goggle lens.
Added a brighter flashlight lens (im guessing thats what it is, on the shoulder?)
Added reactive goggle lens (the lens now changes color according to the light, and enviroment your in).



Place in your counter-strike source\cstrike\materials folder and your set.

to uninstall delete the ct_urban folder inside of your counter-strike source\cstrike\materials\models\player folder.


will not run on a gf2, or similar
will not run on DirX 7, havent tried it on 8, but it does work on 9


Special thanks,

[OtH] Over the hill
Hl2 files of course!!!!

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